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Lifeguard Training In Hawaii
Lifeguard Training in Hawaii


   We are the only mobile lifeguard/CPR training services on the island that brings all the equipment to your front door or beach. Certifications can be awarded as soon as the same day. We specialize in private classes as well as a consistent Training Provider for a company that needs to train their new employees as well as re-certifing current staff.


We Are Lifeguard Union.


Lifeguard Union LLC is a locally based Lifeguard/ CPR Training Program

  • Offering basic CPR courses to Professional Rescue Lifeguarding courses.

  • Employment Assistance

  • Group rates

  • Mobile services and more 


   Lifeguard Union focuses on producing quality lifeguards and medical responders you can trust. Our instructors work closely with students during these in-class sessions, assuring that every student understands not only the skill, but more importantly the significance of their response and the effect they can have on an individuals life.

   Our classes consist of a maximum three full days of class and in water sessions; (1) instructor per every (10) students. Instructors are usually aided by another instructor or a certified lifeguard from a previous class to help with the flow of the class from one segment to the next. 

   After the class is finished and those who passed are awarded their certifications, you are now apart of the "Lifeguard Union" and the benefits that come with your membership include:


         - Constant contact from Lifeguard Union for any questions and or future                      classes (i.e. via email, text, phone etc..)

         - Notifications of partner companies that are looking for Lifeguards!

         - Possibilities for working with Lifeguard Union teaching classes, PAID!

         - Possibilities to be sub-contracted through Lifeguard Union.

         - Discounts on all services.

         - Commission for every friend you refer ($5).


A bunch of great ways for you to make money with your certification.

   We as Lifeguard Union are committed to helping our lifeguards succeed in their careers even if only for the summer. Get you trained, find you work and facilitate you as a growing lifeguard. 



Lifeguard Training in Hawaii



   Ever needed a lifeguard for an event such as: pool parties, first aid stations, or beach front guard? Lifegaurd Union can provide you with as many as you need at an hourly rate. Lifeguard comes with: Rescue tube, first aid supplies, spinal backboard and other rescue equipment in a Uniform along with his/her certification and picture I.D. The whole package! 

Great for beach luaus, sub-contacting for busy holiday seasons or to lifeguard

the kids in calm waters.


Rates are based on amount of time, guards, and location. Please inquire....






   Are you an instructor, but don't have any manikins or training equipment? Lifeguard Union allows the instructor to rent these necessities under a few conditions of course. We want to make sure you can do your job without having to give an arm and a leg like these guys. We can also help you get your own, new and used equipment. Please inquire....     

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