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Course List

 There are so many different courses that we can offer through the American Red Cross services. We've learned that not everyone is sure which exact certification they need for their particular reason. This is our specialty, we will make sure that you walk away with exactly what you needed. 

Lifeguard Training in Hawaii
Lifeguard Training in Hawaii
Lifeguard Union
Lifeguard Certification


   This certificate will make you eligible for all lifeguard positions throughout the U.S. along with majority of the facilites in Hawai'i. Teach surfing, snorkel tours, City and County Beach try-outs, pool guards, swim lessons, deckhands, special events and the possibilities continue to go on as we search. 

   A two-year certification in Lifeguarding, CPR for the Professional Rescuer (adult/child/infant), First Aid and AED all done within the length of a two day course. Re-Certifications are only one day and are cheaper; make sure to do this before your current certification expires.




CPR/First Aid/and AED Certification
   This certification is fot those who need CPR, but are not in the medical or lifeguard industry. Most insurance policies require one person to be certified even if it something small like a retail shop. If you're unsure which certification would apply for your circumstances, gives us a call anytime.
   Course is one day and it covers adult, child and infant. Classes are usually no more then ten(10) people per one(1) instructor. Classes are held in our
conference room, but we also do on-site certifications. Lifeguard Union can 
come to you for those last minute emergency necassities. 





BLS Certification


Coming Soon!!!! The American Red Cross will be coming out with a BLS certification for those of you in the medical field. Finally another option for a BLS certfication. Call for details...

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